Sometimes you just have to report Stupidity!

My wife used to tell me that I shouldn’t expect fast food workers to be rocket scientist. I think today she would have even called this event stupid.

I stopped by Steak & Shake for an early dinner/late lunch, I only eat one meal a day anymore, and yes I know that’s bad for me but….

So my order came to $9.24. So I gave the girl at the drive-thru window a five, four one’s, a quarter, and four pennies. Do you get it idea of what change I wanted back?

If you do you’re smarter than she is or the manager!

She first counted my money and looked at me through the window. Then she turned to the manager (who at this time was walking up to see what possible crime of whatever could have happened on his watch) and said something showing him the money I had given her. There was a discussion (I was expecting he was telling her what change to give me; you remember that thing about assume?) then she opened the window and I heard her say as she handed me my change; “He gave me too much money!”

Care to take a guess at what change I did get?

If you guessed five pennies you go to the head of the class; someplace that pair will never find themselves!

And we wonder in this country why politicians can’t balance the budge. Cashiers in Indianapolis can’t do SIMPLE MATH!

This has been you old man rant for the day; you can now return to your regularly scheduled life.


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2 Responses to Sometimes you just have to report Stupidity!

  1. Well, that was kind of an odd amount to give someone. So you wanted a nickel back instead of a penny, which would have been your change if you had just given her the quarter instead of the extra four pennies. I’m not sure WHY you did it unless you just didn’t want all those pennies. But what REALLY doesn’t make sense to me is why the person didn’t just key the amount into the cash register. Almost all cash registers tell you the right amount of change to give the customer back if you key in how much the customer gave you. So it should be a no brainer anyway. So when you got the five pennies back did you say, “I gave you the extra money so I could get a nickel instead of pennies.” You didn’t, did you? I sure would have. LOL

  2. Yes, I didn’t want the four pennies, much less five. Kind of like what Bill Cosby tells people that have five kids because they didn’t want six!

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