Let’s see what’s going on?

WOW! I was gone longer than I thought and this is a quick time before everything comes out again for the floor installation.

I read on another blog about things to make your blog more interesting; one of the suggestions was to not just write about your books or simple comments but to get into the meat of what’s happening in your life and how it affects you and your writing. That certainly got things going in the old pea brain. Especially because my head feels like an egg beater has been in there hooked up to a Ferrari F-1 motor, so here ya go!

This last week was such fun. I found out I didn’t get a job in Tennessee I was really thinking I was good for. Oh well, guess GOD has other plans for me. Not that I’m complaining but I wish HE would hurry because the house payments are still coming and the cash is getting a little low!

Then I found out about an ex-girlfriend from my college days. Saying she was ‘just’ an ex-girlfriend is selling her a bit short. We dated for almost two years and were engaged. We broke up for a number of reasons and it was for the best for both of us, I guess, in the long run. I found Arlene and she married someone who gave her a son. Then I found this out; she passed away in, I think, 2001. She had developed MS and lasted that long. Then the next day I found out the rest of the story. Her husband committed suicide five years later; leaving their eight year old son behind.

And I had survivor guilt before. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to check your facebook account. Someone had listed her and Arlene in the same post about alumni that had passed away. There was an insane bit of irony there let me tell you. My wife meant the world to me; and Andrea did in her time as well. I always prayed for her and I guess I will continue to for her son. I hope all is well with him considering everything in his life.

Well right now there is a stack of flooring behind me that is soon to be spread all over the house. They are coming Monday to give me an estimate on the carpet that needs replaced and then some paint, outside repairs, and the house will be for sale! So if you know anyone in central Indiana looking for a new house; please send them my way!

Not much in the way of writing news. Lauralynn Elliott has my story Kat’s Decision and I am sure she’ll be starting the editing process as soon as she finishes a few of her projects. So I am hoping before Christmas another book will be at Amazon for your Kindle. I have started the rewrite of the first Jim Benjamin story but I have had little time I could or would want to concentrate on it. My mind is running way to fast for me to set down and write; but it is what I need to do worse of all, get my mind off everything else.

I am really wondering where in the world I might end up. I thought it might be west Tennessee; but that has fizzled for now. Maybe East Tennessee with my family or I might find something right here in Indiana to keep the bills paid and things going. Just have to keep that faith that GOD has a plan and I hope HE shows me where the plan is so I can work it as well.

So I have no idea when or what you’ll see the next time you see an entry from me here on the blog. Hopefully it will be in a week or two; maybe I’ll have some good news and things will be working out for my future. It’s a little hard being this age and thinking you’ll be homeless soon. But I believe something will happen and GOD will take care of me; one way or the other!


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1 Response to Let’s see what’s going on?

  1. I was wondering if you had crawled in a hole somewhere! LOL

    I hate to hear that about Andrea and her family. I had no idea. That’s so sad about her son being without either parent. 😦

    I’ll try to get to Kat’s Decision as soon as I can. I’m trying to get my second Libby Fox novella ready for E and Starfane ready for print. I wish I didn’t have to have a full time job, then I could concentrate just on the writing stuff!

    I think you should just pack up and go southeast. Well, after you sell your house, I guess. LOL

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