Moving right along!

Well things are moving along with the house. Painting is happening in several rooms and before to long the garage sale will be happening.
If you are interested in collectables, books (aren’t we all!), kitchen items, and several other things then be sure and look forward to the sale.
I can’t pack it all up and move it; I can’t afford that big a house!

I keep looking in the front room, where all the things I am thinking about saving are being stored right now, and I keep thinking; where did we get all this stuff?
I am amazed at how much a person, or couple, can accumulate in just a few years. I mean we did live here for almost 16 years (twice what we did in the last house) but the things we’ve found. WOW! I know now why I thought we were poor.

I am still looking for things, so any of you that are a couple; have that conversation, get organized, store and copy the important items so when the unthinkable happens,
one of you dies; the other one can find things and carry on. Not only does it make it easier on the one who’s left, but the creditors, friends, other family members can breath easier.
Or they can at least know you’re breathing easier. Just take care of each other, okay!

I sat last night and watched two episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The first was a new one; Shannon took Gene to Israel and he met his half brother and sisters and Gene saw his father’s grave.
Powerful stuff; and not from someone who just lost someone close to them. The whole Jewish, father who left, meeting new family for the first time thing was emotional for both Gene and myself watching it.

Then the second was his visit to Amsterdam and the trip to the Ann Frank house. Wow, I remember watching this the first time it was on.
It was something then but after the first show it had so much more meaning to it. Makes you think about what happened to the Jews during the Second World War
And then you think of the idiots that say it never happened now. When you ignore history you are doomed to repeat it; think about that.

I had family (in-laws) in for the weekend, they were here to liberate their mother/grandmother from Indiana, and it was a great time seeing them all. We went through my wife’s jewelry and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law talked about remembering seeing my wife and her aunt wearing some of it. We found some of the “lost” diamond earrings I’d bought her over the years as well. It was good seeing them and really quiet after they left; until the neighbors working on my house moved back in Monday afternoon. Then it was back to work.

Remember its summer and the mission season is in full swing. I have some dear friends in Honduras right now and I hope and pray they have a safe and successful trip. Check out Terry Reeves blog.

So let me wrap this up by saying some exciting things might just be happening soon. Maybe I will get a new job, a new computer so I can get back to writing, and other new things are bound to happen so look for the changes.
I will let you know when The Last Cabbandeum is available for purchase in book form. Purchasing three or four copies for yourself and friends is recommended and appreciated as well.


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3 Responses to Moving right along!

  1. Hmmm. I could have sworn I was up there with you all over the weekend, too.

    I’ll let you know when I find out the time frame on the print version of The Last Cabbandeum.

  2. I thought you were family also? You feel like family; you are family to me.
    Hey, that meeting this afternoon went well (I think) so I am hopeful about the future; but then I try to always be now.

  3. Thanks for the update. Wishing the best for you!
    Love ya-

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