Sometimes you just have to report Stupidity!

My wife used to tell me that I shouldn’t expect fast food workers to be rocket scientist. I think today she would have even called this event stupid.

I stopped by Steak & Shake for an early dinner/late lunch, I only eat one meal a day anymore, and yes I know that’s bad for me but….

So my order came to $9.24. So I gave the girl at the drive-thru window a five, four one’s, a quarter, and four pennies. Do you get it idea of what change I wanted back?

If you do you’re smarter than she is or the manager!

She first counted my money and looked at me through the window. Then she turned to the manager (who at this time was walking up to see what possible crime of whatever could have happened on his watch) and said something showing him the money I had given her. There was a discussion (I was expecting he was telling her what change to give me; you remember that thing about assume?) then she opened the window and I heard her say as she handed me my change; “He gave me too much money!”

Care to take a guess at what change I did get?

If you guessed five pennies you go to the head of the class; someplace that pair will never find themselves!

And we wonder in this country why politicians can’t balance the budge. Cashiers in Indianapolis can’t do SIMPLE MATH!

This has been you old man rant for the day; you can now return to your regularly scheduled life.


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Let’s see what’s going on?

WOW! I was gone longer than I thought and this is a quick time before everything comes out again for the floor installation.

I read on another blog about things to make your blog more interesting; one of the suggestions was to not just write about your books or simple comments but to get into the meat of what’s happening in your life and how it affects you and your writing. That certainly got things going in the old pea brain. Especially because my head feels like an egg beater has been in there hooked up to a Ferrari F-1 motor, so here ya go!

This last week was such fun. I found out I didn’t get a job in Tennessee I was really thinking I was good for. Oh well, guess GOD has other plans for me. Not that I’m complaining but I wish HE would hurry because the house payments are still coming and the cash is getting a little low!

Then I found out about an ex-girlfriend from my college days. Saying she was ‘just’ an ex-girlfriend is selling her a bit short. We dated for almost two years and were engaged. We broke up for a number of reasons and it was for the best for both of us, I guess, in the long run. I found Arlene and she married someone who gave her a son. Then I found this out; she passed away in, I think, 2001. She had developed MS and lasted that long. Then the next day I found out the rest of the story. Her husband committed suicide five years later; leaving their eight year old son behind.

And I had survivor guilt before. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to check your facebook account. Someone had listed her and Arlene in the same post about alumni that had passed away. There was an insane bit of irony there let me tell you. My wife meant the world to me; and Andrea did in her time as well. I always prayed for her and I guess I will continue to for her son. I hope all is well with him considering everything in his life.

Well right now there is a stack of flooring behind me that is soon to be spread all over the house. They are coming Monday to give me an estimate on the carpet that needs replaced and then some paint, outside repairs, and the house will be for sale! So if you know anyone in central Indiana looking for a new house; please send them my way!

Not much in the way of writing news. Lauralynn Elliott has my story Kat’s Decision and I am sure she’ll be starting the editing process as soon as she finishes a few of her projects. So I am hoping before Christmas another book will be at Amazon for your Kindle. I have started the rewrite of the first Jim Benjamin story but I have had little time I could or would want to concentrate on it. My mind is running way to fast for me to set down and write; but it is what I need to do worse of all, get my mind off everything else.

I am really wondering where in the world I might end up. I thought it might be west Tennessee; but that has fizzled for now. Maybe East Tennessee with my family or I might find something right here in Indiana to keep the bills paid and things going. Just have to keep that faith that GOD has a plan and I hope HE shows me where the plan is so I can work it as well.

So I have no idea when or what you’ll see the next time you see an entry from me here on the blog. Hopefully it will be in a week or two; maybe I’ll have some good news and things will be working out for my future. It’s a little hard being this age and thinking you’ll be homeless soon. But I believe something will happen and GOD will take care of me; one way or the other!


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Hey I’ll be gone for a while.

Well they have finally gotten to the point in the remod/repairs of the house where they are moving into the office. So guess what that means; I’m off line for a few (hopefully) days. I’ll be taking the computer to get an overhaul and see if I can get the other one back working. In the mean time you can always go buy a copy of The Last Cabbandeum or Memphis Connection and set back, have a cold drink, and read. Then go on line and give it a review. The one you give might convince someone else it is worth reading!

Otherwise have a great day, enjoy life, remember where you are and where you are going, and that there is Someone up above watching the whole show; better make it a good one.


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Moving right along!

Well things are moving along with the house. Painting is happening in several rooms and before to long the garage sale will be happening.
If you are interested in collectables, books (aren’t we all!), kitchen items, and several other things then be sure and look forward to the sale.
I can’t pack it all up and move it; I can’t afford that big a house!

I keep looking in the front room, where all the things I am thinking about saving are being stored right now, and I keep thinking; where did we get all this stuff?
I am amazed at how much a person, or couple, can accumulate in just a few years. I mean we did live here for almost 16 years (twice what we did in the last house) but the things we’ve found. WOW! I know now why I thought we were poor.

I am still looking for things, so any of you that are a couple; have that conversation, get organized, store and copy the important items so when the unthinkable happens,
one of you dies; the other one can find things and carry on. Not only does it make it easier on the one who’s left, but the creditors, friends, other family members can breath easier.
Or they can at least know you’re breathing easier. Just take care of each other, okay!

I sat last night and watched two episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. The first was a new one; Shannon took Gene to Israel and he met his half brother and sisters and Gene saw his father’s grave.
Powerful stuff; and not from someone who just lost someone close to them. The whole Jewish, father who left, meeting new family for the first time thing was emotional for both Gene and myself watching it.

Then the second was his visit to Amsterdam and the trip to the Ann Frank house. Wow, I remember watching this the first time it was on.
It was something then but after the first show it had so much more meaning to it. Makes you think about what happened to the Jews during the Second World War
And then you think of the idiots that say it never happened now. When you ignore history you are doomed to repeat it; think about that.

I had family (in-laws) in for the weekend, they were here to liberate their mother/grandmother from Indiana, and it was a great time seeing them all. We went through my wife’s jewelry and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law talked about remembering seeing my wife and her aunt wearing some of it. We found some of the “lost” diamond earrings I’d bought her over the years as well. It was good seeing them and really quiet after they left; until the neighbors working on my house moved back in Monday afternoon. Then it was back to work.

Remember its summer and the mission season is in full swing. I have some dear friends in Honduras right now and I hope and pray they have a safe and successful trip. Check out Terry Reeves blog.

So let me wrap this up by saying some exciting things might just be happening soon. Maybe I will get a new job, a new computer so I can get back to writing, and other new things are bound to happen so look for the changes.
I will let you know when The Last Cabbandeum is available for purchase in book form. Purchasing three or four copies for yourself and friends is recommended and appreciated as well.


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I’m Back!

Like Steven Tyler sang; I’m back in the saddle again.

Told you there would be a new blog coming along with the finally started Jonathan Eli website. This is it.

A lot has happened since last we talked. The house looks VERY different, wallpaper is gone, rooms painted, and carpet is soon to be replaced. My friends, and there a bunch of them and I appreciate them dearly, have been helping me move things out and make changes. Soon there will be a HUGH garage sale and the house will be on the market. I just can’t stay here; too many memories of a wonderful life but every wall reminds me of Arlene.

On the writing end of life I am at a stand still. I have a computer down that needs repair plus I’m so busy working and trying to keep things straight that I don’t have time to write, but I am thinking.
As soon as the computer gets back, the much talked about but never seen Kat’s Decision goes to Lauralynn Elliott for editing and prep for e-publishing. The Last Cabbandeum is soon to be out in print form for everyone who likes holding a book and turning pages to read. Then I absolutly promise to complete the first Jim Benjamin book and get it out.

Oh, and by the way, thank you for all the people who have purchased and read my books. But please review them! I need it for feedback and to know if you want more of the same. If not, then some crazy story might come out of my mind and you’ll start worrying even more.
On another personal note; there will be changes in my physical location in the near future. I’ll keep you all updated, of course, but ride along and see what happens while the crazy train ride goes on.

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